Why choose Cherry Hoggs

On average we train 140 dogs per week. We pride ourselves on on modifying any behavioral issues not matter how severe.

We are more than a training service where you just drop of your dog. We are dog psychologists specializing in behavior modification and off-leash pack walks. We’re a support network that excels your dog like no other. We train all dogs through our unique physiological techniques. We concentrate of translating all our knowledge onto our clients, so they have the skill set to fulfil their dogs needs to the best of their ability. We thrive on being able to modify any behavior no matter the condition without the use of E-collars, treats or medication. We train severe aggression all the way to puppy training. We are both highly experienced with all breeds, temperament and passionate about all dogs. We are extremely vibrant energetic people who strongly believe in helping and improving all dogs to be the best of their ability no matter their condition, we are passionate about this and get great joy out of our work. We combine psychological techniques, energy-based training, off leash driven positive reinforcement and pack mentality which is native to all of them no matter their size or breed.

We have merged both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific creating the perfect blend of dog cultures to make a dog’s paradise right here in Minnesota and NYC. Cherry Hoggs is family owned and operated by us, Charlie & Frankie, we are from London, England. At Cherry Hoggs we believe that all dogs should have the best life possible. We thrive on giving our dogs the mental/physical stimulation, social interaction, off-leash freedom and belonging to a pack-like environment. We improve each dog greatly by getting to know them on a personal level and custom our day to suit their specific needs. We love to teach our dogs all the skills and tricks they need to live a fulfilled, happy and healthy life. We keep things extremely simple; dog training is effortless when done correctly. All it requires is that the owner changes their lifestyle to fit their dog’s needs. We concentrate on perfecting dog fundamentals and stimulation.

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