Frankie and Charlie are incredible and wonderful people who run an unbelievable and effective training and doggy day camp. Their passion and love for dogs are demonstrated daily as you see the many dogs are happy to be there! We took our new rescue dog Lacy there after having her 6 weeks and couldn’t get near her to get a leash on or even think about training her. We were having a hard time and needed help. On a recommendation to call Cherry Hoggs it turned out to be the best step for us and Lacy. BootCamp helped her to socialize, listen, behave and how to be the best at being a dog. She is happy, heathy and just so much fun. We saw potential in her and couldn’t get her there however Frankie and Charlie helped to bring the real Lacy out and she is a completely different dog today! She truly enjoys her time at day camp! Thank you Frankie and Charlie!

Lisa B

Cherry Hoggs was recommended to me through a friend. We had recently adopted a dog who had spent the first couple years of her life in a bad situation, she ended up at a shelter and we adopted through a local rescue. To say she was a challenge – that was an understatement. She had zero manners or knowledge on how to “dog” or be in a pack environment. We were never sure we were going to be able to take her to a brewery or a dog park or just socialize in general.
She ended up attending Cherry Hoggs Bootcamp program and they worked with her on many skills – recall, socialization, basic training, leash training. Today, she is a completely different dog. She enjoys the dog park, attends daycare and is an excellent ambassador for the bully breed.

I would highly recommend Cherry Hoggs training if you are looking for results for your dog.

Lesly B

I’m so incredibly grateful to have found Cherry Hoggs! We’ve been searching for training for our reactive pup Stan for a few years. We’ve hired trainers, been turned away and have been kicked out of a few around Minneapolis. Mention “reactive pitbull” and most places end the conversation.

I sent an email inquiry and received a call back the same day. They were very thorough and straight forward about their method and confident they could help Stan.

He’s been with them for about 4 weeks (Monday-Friday) for boot camp and it’s like he’s a new dog. He’s so happy. The confidence and skills he’s already learned is incredible. I also learn so much every day I pick him up. They are so patient with my 500 questions and always explain what they worked on each day and why and what the plan is moving ahead. They train dogs, but also give us guidance and tips without being judgmental.

They take the time to get to know your dog and meet them where they are. I’m so excited to see him progress and truly live his best life.

Charlie & Frankie are the definition of authentic. The knowledge, skill, love and dedication they have for dogs is admirable. I’m so happy Stan was rejected so many times because it led us here (sorry not sorry Stan!).

Emily M W

Cherry Hoggs was recommended to us through a friend last winter and I simply don’t know what we would have done without Charlie and Frankie!!

We have 2 very hyper doodles, Harley and Finn, who started in the boot camp program last February. Each day Charlie and Frankie would spend time teaching us what to work on at home to kick some of the bad behaviors and habits our hyper puppies had developed with us. They sent videos and a detailed report towards the end of the program, so that we could continue to perfect these methods on our own! It takes a lot of time and energy, but we have seen a HUGE change in our dogs!

Harley and Finn still go to doggy daycare 1-2 days per week to see their friends and burn some much needed energy. All we have to say is, “wanna go to school” and they are excited as ever!!

Charlie and Frankie are trustworthy, caring, and dedicated to all of their dogs and treat us like family! I always leave after drop-off knowing our dogs will be well taken care of! I would 10/10 recommend Cherry Hoggs to anyone with a fur baby, no matter what size!

Jenny N

Cherry Hoggs is incredibly unique. Frankie & Charlie are so passionate and caring about the dogs here, and you can see how much the dogs love being there. You won’t find the same off leash experience while also having your dog trained anywhere else in Minnesota. Very grateful we found them!

Devansh K

We found Cherry Hoggs for our puppy Howie. Throughout the boot camp program, Howie noticeably became more well behaved at home and when around guests/strangers! We were given ways to work with Howie while he was home to sharpen his obedience training, and to provide mental stimulation. Frankie and Charlie are super knowledgeable, and truly love each dog they work with. I would highly recommend this very unique training experience for your dog. Howie now has a pack full of friends and we have a well mannered dog!

Christian F

We had a great experience sending our two dogs to Cherry Hoggs. They were in for bootcamp and are now transitioning to daycare. Frankie and Charlie are both so knowledgeable and warm — it’s clear they care a lot about the dogs in their care and making the experience a positive one. They know all the dogs so well — their personalities, their quirks, what will work for their learning. They also have great advice about how to continue reinforcing good behaviors at home. Our dogs come home absolutely tuckered out from the mental stimulation, exercise, and time with their pack buddies. They have also improved the leash manners and reactivity, which were our two main concerns. So glad we discovered Cherry Hoggs and would recommend them to anyone.

Devashree G

Cherry Hoggs is wonderful! They get down to the core problems and are able to work on specific training that your dog needs. My pup always came home from training happy, and tuckered out from a hard days work! They talk to you about what you need to work on as an owner, as well. I learned a lot from them and my pup for sure benefited! They are also very accommodating to schedules and understand that life happens. Would highly recommend them!

Tracie B

We first took our older (9 year old) dog to bootcamp as she had become set in her ways and was getting less interaction during the pandemic. We wanted her to have the opportunity to be part of the pack walks and be able to exercise off leash. We immediately noticed improvement in her attitude once she started Bootcamp. She has become much more attentive and secure in herself, walks better on the leash, and is calm and happy! We continue to have her at day camp every week for the interaction and wonderful full day of exercise. We recently adopted a 3 year old dog who was insecure, reactive, and had issues with people and other dogs – so much that we were questioning if we were the right home for him. We talked with Charlie and Frankie upfront and they were totally willing to assess him and after a test day assured us of the issues they saw and that his behavior could be modified with training, exercise, socialization and instruction for us with him at home. We got him into bootcamp immediately and after 2 months he had completely changed for the better! He also continues to go to day camp now to maintain his fitness and social skills. Charlie and Frankie are super kind and thoughtful, and we completely trust them with our dogs. Love getting the feedback everyday on how the dogs did and also on things that we can continue to do to support the dogs living their best life!

Leah V T

Cherry Hoggs is everything my dog, Manny, needed in a daycare: socialization, exercise and most importantly a loving yet assertive approach to behavior modification. Charlie and Frankie are extremely kind and knowledgeable and have helped my anxious reactive dog gain confidence in himself and in me to reduce his reactivity. Manny loves playing with all of his friends at daycare and we love how tired and happy he is when he comes home (see attached photo)! We have also done a few 1:1 trainings with Charlie to learn better leash manners, including decreasing reactivity and distractions while on leash. Within a couple of sessions, we have noticed a huge difference in Manny’s ability to not become reactive to distractions; less lunging and wanting to chase every little critter he sees. We are soon moving out of state and truly one of the saddest things about leaving is Manny won’t be able to see his Cherry Hogg Family regularly. This daycare is top notch and I recommend it to every dog owner I come across!! Thank you Charlie and Frankie in helping get Manny to be the best dog he can be!

Mamie V

For the past 5 years I’ve gone to about every dog trainer in the cities and finally ended up at a behavioral vet who put my dog on meds because no one could help me stop her freak outs! These guys are the absolute best! They got my dog off meds (which she didn’t need in the first place) took the time to figure out why she was so difficult in the first place and gave me the tools to manage my dog. I can now take my dog on walks without any freak outs. Game changer. Worth it. These guys are the best and there’s no one else like them in the cities.

Anne M

Frankie and Charlie are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I am so lucky to have found them because they have always been willing to work with my dog that has reactivity issues to new people. Not only do my boys come home completely exhausted after one 8 hour day at daycare, but they come home more well trained each day! They are the best daycare around!

Nicole S