Our philosophy is based purely on dog’s real needs as working pack animals. We teach pack leadership combined with energy-based training and positive reinforcement as this is ultimately the key to a happy fulfilled relationship with your dog. We teach them to always follow and be assertive and not to challenge the leader. If there isn’t a pack leader in your pack at home, then your dog will fill the void and create one. Setting clear limitations and boundaries will help your dog understand ‘who’s in charge’. We are firm believers and correction and reward, just like how humans learn. Correction seems to have a strange misconception of being inhumane… there is nothing wrong with saying no to your dog and making them understand markers to correct.

At Cherry Hoggs we study the psychology of our dogs to understand the behaviors particularly using segregation methods against the dogs as who wants to be away from their pack, this is our greatest advantage when training. This gives our dogs a clear black and white contrast of what’s expected when we want them to modify a behavior.

A dog’s needs are very simple.

Dog’s need:
Rules, exercise, education, a good diet, shelter, and companionship to make him feel happy and secure!

This is your job as their pack leader!

When dogs feel they don’t have a pack leader they:

  1. May challenge for the position. Alpha, aggressive and demanding in behavior
  2. Become recluse. Become anxious, unconfident, reactive
  3. Act out of balance

No other creature will admire you the way your dog will. Be fair, be firm, correct them when necessary, forgive them rapidly and love unconditionally.

Our dogs trust us as their pack leader, and we trust them and that’s why our pack are so in sync, which is why we can walk up to 20 dogs off leash without the use of tools or e-collars.


From our experience with our pack, most breeds need 3 hours of stimulation per day to be fully fulfilled. Cutting corners is a must as most haven’t got 3 hours, for optimal results combine mental and physical stimulation. Exercise your dog smart not hard. The goal is to increase heart rate, release endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline. This is positive reinforcement. Activating happy hormones. Off leash is the greatest form of exercise. It’s the easiest way to fulfill their mental and physical needs, dogs need to explore and be in nature. If your dog won’t tell you, we will. Your dog finds your walk around the neighborhood incredible boring compared to proper stimulation. You are not even scratching the surface of their mental and physical needs if you only walk your dog on leash. High intensity exercise is the only way to eliminate pent up energy. Dogs are working animals and need to be worked, it’s ludicrous that people think a 30 min on leash walk is an adequate amount of exercise and wonder why their dog is misbehaving.

Just like humans, dogs can greatly benefit from correct socialization. However, our methods put you the owner before dogs always, without question. It isn’t a must for all dogs but most of them thrive when socialized correctly. We have seen first-hand the great improvements in all our dog’s confidence, social interaction and being a part of pack. It transforms bad behaviors as they learn how to behave in different social settings from the others through exposure and desensitization training. It excels them in ways you can’t comprehend as they form bonds and learn from one another. A pack is a dog’s natural habitat and is deeply ingrained into their DNA, so thrive when they are a part of one. You as the owner should be the main source of stimulation but providing socialization into their routine is a fantastic addition when done correctly in a structured pack environment.

We domesticate our dog’s way too much and at the same time not fulfilling their instinctual needs, then wonder why behavioral issues arise. Barking, jumping, biting and nipping are normal ways for dogs to communicate so why are we surprised they channel their energy this way, when we aren’t constantly reminding them what is expected of them? If we aren’t stimulating them or constantly reminding them that they are domesticated, then they will always resort back to acting like animals! Exercise is the main cause of all behavioral issues so by exercising them efficiently will reverse most behaviors without any additional training.

The easiest way of reminding them of their roots and natural behaviors is to give them what they deserve, which is pack leadership and stimulating exercise routines. Exercise strengthens bonds, this is how we have such a tight pack and all our dogs have created real loving strong relationship between one another. This shows the special intimate bond our dogs have with one another. If you the owner provides the correct stimulation then you are channeling their happy hormones onto you, in turn gaining respect, leadership and trust. A pack environment is crucial to all dogs’ routines but is overlooked by so many, only a minute portion of owners give their dogs this essential element to their routine which is important for dogs to excel in the best way possible.

A creative, thoughtful exercise routine doesn’t just provide a physical workout, it provides valuable mental stimulation as well, this is important because this improves the intelligence of our dogs which is another essential element to a dog’s life. Owners only focus on physical stimulation and not mental. We focus on mental and physical stimulation combined, which is an aspect to keeping your dog fit, healthy and sharp in the mind which improves their cognition, intelligence and reverses mental health issues. Just like humans, the healthier and more exercised you are, the stronger, fitter and happier you feel! Physically fit dogs are more obedient, happier and heathier, especially in pack environments, they form tight bonds and relationships that strengthen day by day. In other words, you will be less likely to return home to a chewed-up couch. Exercise decreases anxiety overall; lack of exercise can contribute to anxiety-based conditions. More specifically, lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to attention-seeking and destructive behaviors.

Just walking your dog around the block on a leash is doing an injustice to their needs. We create mentally and physically stimulating routines for maximum results. An off-leash walk does this perfectly or practicing advanced obedience with commands in an intensive manner. We create awareness on this matter and highly advice all owners to concentrate on a variety of stimulating routines to fulfil their needs on a continuous basis.

Working, hunting, herding and guarding breeds are not the only ones with this need. Even small breeds of dogs retain a certain amount of work ethic. For example, a Yorkie with bows in its hair is still a terrier, and their owners know that these tiny guys still enjoy terrier-type behaviors, such as chasing and digging. So, all dogs know matter what shape or size need both mental and physical stimulation. Dogs need a job just like humans and need to feel that they have a purpose, it’s important that they’re able to act on their own instincts and play with all types of dogs.


As professional dog trainers, we have found that one of the most important aspects of a dog’s life is their diet, it’s extremely surprising why this topic isn’t at the forefront. Processed dried up kibble is possibly the worst food you could feed our most loved companions. Imagine how unhappy and irritable you would feel if you had to eat that shit? A natural healthy nutrient dense diet will increase their longevity and overall life by a milestone. Diet has a direct link to bad behaviors and mental health issues; change their diet and you will start to change them. What you are is what you eat, remember that. We are advocates for a wholefood human grade diet, we have an AFFCO and FDA compliant organic fresh dog food we sell ourselves, what we preach, we put into action.


Correction and reward system is the way to reverse any behavioral issues, us humans have been taught the exact same from our parents. Our parental figures (pack leader) rewards us when we perform a positive outcome and a correction when a negative outcome occurs. The same is with their native mother, black and white, positive and negative emotions to give direct contrasts of what is expected of them. They shift their energy and are firm but forgiving when behaviors arise. We reward them every day by providing exercise, food, water, shelter, love, safety, security but when naughty behaviors arise there must be a contrast to associate the behavior with a negative so they understand what is right from wrong, just like their native mother would!

We do this through implementing limitations and boundaries, we mark the behavior with a firm SIT, WAIT and ENGAGE. Allow them to perform the action again, we then repeat the mark, then give them a contrast by using segregation from the pack. When segregation is over, we will follow up by ignoring them as this is the highest form of discipline for them. This is what we mean by correction and limitations and boundaries. Giving black and white contrasts of what is expected.

We thrive ourselves on being able to reverse the most severe behaviors you could imagine. We have shown this time and time again through our results. Our philosophy and consistency with our dogs can overcome the worst behaviors. In our opinion we feel an injustice to the dog when other trainers or vets suggesting medication. The reality for medication for behavioral problems is your sedating and drugging your dog. Medication is a temporary solution for the duration of the medication. We would always advise a second opinion if you ever hear this advice. We make it compulsory that all dogs are off medication before they start training with us. There simply isn’t any need! We as trainers are your medication.