We are dog psychologists specializing in off-leash pack walks and behavior modification. Cherry Hoggs is family owned and operated by us, Charlie & Frankie. We’re from London, England which is why we chose the name Cherry Hoggs, which is classic cockney rhyming slang for dogs. We felt it was important to incorporate our background and authentic touch from back home. Plus is says exactly what it is on the tin.

We have traveled across the world to many different countries and settled here in Minneapolis and travel back and forth to NYC. While living in Australia we started training dogs professionally for a close friend of ours, having a very successful off-leash pack of 20 dogs per day! This kick started our dream of owning our own dog training business. Then soon came along our dog, Maverick, who we rescued from Australia while walking our pack. He fell into our lap, and we fell in love. Our whole Cherry Hoggs philosophy is hugely based and researched off Maverick. Both Maverick and we are a team. There is no situation that his presence does not enhance. Maverick and both of us have a deep connection that’s rooted in doing stuff together, we even fly frequently with him in cabin when we travel. We can rely on him, and he can rely on us. We’re stronger, safer, and happier together. Therefore, we can enjoy the outdoors and welcoming new dogs more significantly as a result.

Charlie is known as the is ‘the piped piper of dogs’ at the parks, his unlimited amount of energy rubs of onto all our dogs. He is the pack leader and a straight shooter, fulfilling dogs by giving them a place in the pack. He loves to study the psychology of the dog and has a natural touch with them. He thrives on taking in dogs with severe behavioral issues and loves to transform into more confident, fulfilled animals. Along with educating the owners on how to change their lifestyle to improve their relationship and continue giving their dogs the most fulfilled life possible. Charlie is also a nutrition nerd so can give you all the tips and tricks in the most natural holistic form into where a lot of behavioral and health issues occur.

Frankie is the women (obviously) behind the entire operation. Having a lifetime experience working with dogs from breeding puppies, agility to behavior modification her expertise is shown through Charlie being the ‘pack leader’ teaching him the ropes at the start. Frankie thrives on a balanced harmony in the pack and likes to dissect each dog on how to improve and customize their specific training sessions for each dog. She’s excellent at seeing what is needed depending on personality and temperament and tackles the issue head on always in a calm loving manner. Along with being all the dogs’ personal videographer/ photographer and running the whole operation from start to finish. Frankie’s known as the Mumma in the pack, always cheering on her pups and making sure they’re having the best day possible.

We train all dogs no matter their situation or circumstance. We thrive ourselves on helping all dogs and owners no matter the breed, age, temperament or situation. You will never get turned down from us! We deal with aggression all the way to extreme anxiousness and everything in between. We have trained over a thousand dogs: all ends of the spectrum. We work with 150 dogs for 40 hours per week, we have gained an abundance of knowledge the psychology of the animal and have mastered how they communicate between one another. With abundance of knowledge on amygdala, willpower, epigenetics, habits, energy based, mental health and exposure training we can tackle any behavioral pattern head on, creating a more assertive respectable companion.

We love giving all dogs a fun energizing walk and thrive on getting them to their optimal fitness, after all, most behavioral issues stem from a lack of exercise and pent-up energy. Exercise is one of the two key elements on out training approach. We focus on getting all dogs off leash as quick as possible. We have boundless experience with all dogs, it’s ingrained in our personality to care for others. Dogs love us as we tune into their energy and fulfill them in ways you couldn’t comprehend. We bond with them in a unique way and get to know every dog’s trait on a personal level and then improve them to their specific needs. We specialize in off-leash pack walks and have seen first-hand the amazing results they receive being in a pack environment which comes natural to them all. After all, it is their natural habitat to be in a pack. Us humans have domesticated them so much and striped them back from there natural ways its crucial we can fulfill them in every way possible and being part of a pack is by far the most beneficial aspect.

We train all our dogs from the comfort of our home as we feel it’s important for them to learn life skills in an environment which is like your home. Therefore, the skills we teach are easily transferred to your home life. We train dogs for real life situations. There’s nothing like a homely environment where you know your dog is getting undivided attention on a personal level and the upmost care which is full of a fun packed day. We keep our pack small to ensure we keep a close tight bonded pack. We are extremely driven to keep all our dogs stimulated whilst providing them jobs. We go on 2 off-leash pack walks per day and train specific individual needs for each dog.

We teach our dogs to follow not challenge. Dog psychology 101; if there isn’t someone in charge then they will create one themselves. We do this through correction and reward combing energy-based training. Dogs respect a leader and by being one you’re fulfilling their needs; you’re making them more confident by doing so. We teach owners how to shift their energy into a pack leader status which creates a tighter relationship. Authority and love are the key, you can’t have one without the other.